“without a doubt your hard work and your dedication goes before  you along with your delicious coffees and teas. We only have admiration for you and we enjoy working with you on our events – so huge thanks from us and good luck with everything .. to repeat .. you deserve! ” Jane Sterck

The Stansted Garden Show

Meanwhile down at Arundel Station……

“My daily commute from Arundel to London takes two hours each way. That’s twenty hours per week catching and sitting on trains – when they can be trusted to be there and on time.

Arundel station is not the most hospitable of places. In Winter months, it’s a particularly cold, wet and dark spot, and has few indoor customer facilities.  The one thing I can rely on at 6.45 each morning, regardless of the weather (or the service of Southern Rail), is a good-quality cup of coffee, a smile and a chat from Heather. Mornings aren’t the easiest of times for commuters – Harrie’s makes them easier.

As the previous treasurer of Arundel FairTrade group, it’s reassuring to know that Harries is contributing to our FairTrade town status. Heather is also a regular fixture at community events like the annual Town Picnic in the Summer, and her coffee van often doubles as an unofficial networking venue.

I would support any expansion of the Harrie’s empire 100% – if anyone has the drive, vision, determination, motivation, commitment and people skills to make such a venture work, it’s Heather”

Debbie Kennedy – Arundel resident & commuter